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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Evolution - The Crown Is Mine

So I was on the Twitter hussle today, and I was hit up by a brother that's been in my inbox for a little while. An it's good of em, to get on me cause I got allot people wantin on this blog.

From a child all he ever wanted to do was find a way to express himself in music. So last winter he picked Up a pen and started writin songs. Even though he's only 17, and just getting started, he's no were near being finished.

So as I'm hittin this on Datpiff, I keep that in the cognition, and I think this young guys push for the throne. I think he could use some help not on the rap side, but on the Dj side, and the beat side.

That said, I like the flow on track number 4, "GET OVER IT" it's got good hooks, and the rap is on point. I think it could use a remix enhancement for play on sites like Datpiff, I think allot of young artists over look the fact that their music has to be recorded and played back on different mediums to get the best playback on the web. Although, this seems to be a trend lately with Datpiff some quality mp3 wise is lackin, maybe on purpose, an this is why i listen to the tracks on the myspace pages too. "Hustler feat. D-Hood" is a good example of the boy's talent. What I really like with Evolution is he's workin on his own sound, his own vocal track style and he's not copying anybody. So, this is a good formula for getting devoted fans, because if people like the flo they'll listen long term.

An the title track "The Crown Is Mine" is a well performed track, and could be the best recorded track on the list, in my humblest of opinions. But "Purp" has some great moments in it too, so don't write this stuff off. I'll be interested in hearing what comes up once this guy is hosted by a capable Dj on his next release. I'm not gonna say anything about the Drake track cause it's way over done. Damn, "Ended" is so serious, must've been written for someone really special. An, in case you are wondering this is the kind of 'love'music that I appreciate. I'm not into those tracks that sound like they should be done by someone in R&B like R Kelly. So this is a real relief, and the following track follows it up well, "99 Problems" remixed ft. D-hood is great I like it. Evolution is comin, he's a young buck but he's comin up; so don't forget that. Cause with the 99 problems, he's got 100 solutions on the beat, an a long time to come up on you while you are sleepin, these guys are grindin. working hard on their sound and end up being places at 21, that yáll can only imagine about. Look at the peeps that I've been meetin, guys that came up from bein no where, and doin nothin. An look at the mediums these peeps can travel on now, that you didn't have and you learn a certain respect for the new young rich 'n almost famous. So, hit this boy Evolution up on his Twitter, on his Myspace and support the young industry by downloading his mixtape or else you gonna catch a "bullet bullet" from one of these youngíns. They all joinin me in the Re-Evolution.

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