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Sunday, October 18, 2009

DJ POPPA HATZ brings Welcome 2 The Future Vol.1

I'ma do it, like you know I do it. Now DJ Poppa Hatz is bringin stuff to me that's unsigned and signed all at the same time. And normally I don't support nothin any DJs are bringin me, cept my boi dj Dmoney Global. But this release is hard to ignore. Off the start, I'm likin the track "Ï'ma Do it" got some slick flow. Then next your grindin to Lloyd Banks after that, and he doesn't need no introduction or extra press, because his tracks are always fine! Specially, in "The Return Of The Real" there's no exception to greatness. Ain't nothin changed, he's still on top of his game.

"Roc Boi" comes up after that, and it's hard to follow a legend like banks, but he's got himself a naughty naughty track. Reminds me of some already famous peeps, an that's ok.. But the question is, will the song stick in your head? I questioned that until I heard the rap from Doc Wiley, an then it fades out to quick for my liking. I'm sure when you find these tracks in full, they'll make their mark. "Kenny Thomas" is gonna make you clap your hands, an you gota like that. Pushin the talent up a notch on this crackin release. I like the feel to that track. An I'm not pumpin the Djs on this release I'm just feeling the rap, and Kenny brings it up to get you clappin. Kid Trell, is bringin it on this release and is definately 'On It' an you gota respect that once that rappin starts. GRAFH is ready to start a war, in this Cold BlackHand track an I think I like this the best on this release. Some serious rap, goin with a vengeance he's poppin off caps you better hope he misses your head. Minds me of some Cannibus crossed amityville with a shake of Ja Rule. GRAPH really brings up this mixtape! Not gonna say nothin about that Trubble track cause I don't like it or I'd be saying A Damn Lie but I appreciate the work from J Wright on the down low its gonna stick in your head tho jus maybe. An Drake is bringin it as usual, climbin up hard afer that last track he sounds like he's tryin to get it up but I have a hard time believing he is a winner. But he's workin hard so you believe that rap, like he deserve this shit. My buddy Jimmy Hennec brings it but got cut off, from Bossman I don't what I think about that an track Break me Off don't do nothin for me. CHOP CHOP brings back hope on this mixtape when he brings back dat doe, he's MR GET THAT DOE somebody when he hits the trap lil more chopped than I like cause the flow of the hook is really good, I'm hafta talk to Chop Chop an help him get that doe. An ofcourse Fabulous comes on an revitalizes this mixtape for all of two seconds in track 18, then where'd it go? Hmm, I think the 19th track is interesting cause she wants to be wifee .. she think she's hot but she's not. but the track is a riddle for sho and I don't have time for that. ACAFOOL in RIDE helps bring this mixtape back on point but I don't like the stutterin in these tracks, chuck chuck chuck, a bit annoying on the big speakers an I really like this song RIDE so you better strap in, baby girl let's ride. An ZONE keeps the tracks goin with LET EM KNOW so let these boys know - Zone up in this bitch! Let em'know goes good in the subs, and that shakin the house like right suicidal my hommies. Shortee is shakin it to this track, and you gotta love that. Zone - get at me dawg. Next song, that brings hope can't be put in a box, so fast forward to that NEW MONEY track, its smellin and feelin like new money, an sounds like they livin good - I lov that dirty dirty stuff. Especially, when its got to do with more mooolaah.. I like SMOKE BULGA he's got some sick flow, an he's movin up on this track with MONEY ON MY MIND so if you don't speak the dialect, don't even test it. Yu put this boi on yer track list an yer track list is gonna be bangin so props to Dj Poppa Hatz for bringing these boys out! Hit him up on Twitter or Myspace! And So's I don't waste no mo time get out an get this mixtape an tell that boi who is poppin hatz on his space ship to stop studderin on the tracks cause you luv him. Comment below if you know who he is...

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  1. THIS YA OKLAHOMIE POPPAHATZ lettin yall know my dude dj BANKRUPTs THAT DUDE YOU NEED 2 F*CK WIT YA FEEL ME!!!!!!! HE DID ME UP PROPER ON THE POST AND DEF PROVED IMA F*CKS WIT THIS DUDE THE LONG WAY HE GOOD PPLs.... shout out 2 my cohost on this tape HELLZ YEA!!!! and DJ INFAMOUS out the 804!!! you can find me on facebook myspace twitter ning just bout anywhere just GOOGLE ME!! keyword POPPAHATZ


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