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Friday, October 2, 2009

DJ DMoney Global - Dtown Massacre

DJ Dmoney started out

Dee Jaying whilst he was 13 or 14 yrs. old. Got on track with just a plain numark mixer and no scratching. No one in his family has ever dee jayed so he basically taught himself by watching other dee jays work. Dmoney began Dee Jaying at Small house parties around the neighborhood to build his name up. As time went on he finally got his first actually Scratching cdj turntable, which was the Stanton c.304. He continued working the techniques of a lone DJ reigning supreme in the local house party scene.

And all the hard work of dee jaying house parties paid off and made him collide paths with rap sensation Teflon (Da Boot, Fan em, She Ah Freak). Teflon put up DJ Dmoney to DJ at alot of Big events including the Teen Clubs such as TeenWorld in Arlington, Tx Club Phreeze in Arlington, Tx The Arlington Skatium Super Sunday in Arlington, Tx and also Huge Stepshows likethe bowie Stepshow , Local Celebrity Basketball games, and events in Dallas, Tx.

DJ Dmoney is only 19 and this year alone has dropped 8-9 mixtapes (online & instore together). And looks like he has no intentions on stopping. He Currently Attends Angelo State University in West Texas and is Dee Jaying out there trying to make moves. DJ Dmoney has also picked up beat making abilities from his bestfriend Ryan Hitz (Producer of the Stanky Legg). He's trying to do more than just dj he's also trying to be a super producer as well. He's Young and even though he's been dee jaying since a young teen it seems like his career is really just beginning. Hit him on myspace or on Twitter.

Alright so swing on over to Dat Piff site and hook yourself up with some DJ Dmoney crack.
I know you guys are always countin the little guys out, but he's gonna be a big fish pretty soon. Hell at 19, he's doin shit you aint so no hatin on him. It looks to me like he's up to doin all kinds of stuffz so jist get over therrr and listen. Click on the album cover to get yer tracks, or see em all by clickin his picture. An if your a DJ get your shit out there, jump on the Twitter bus an make some noise out there. Comment, that's what the fuckin thing below is for!

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