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Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Nationals mixtape Fight Night Round 1

When I met up with Dee The General, his raport was civil from the onset. His stuff is poppin off, for sure. So when you think of THE NATIONALS think of artists with authenticity, creativity and originality. He says, you should think of THE NATIONALS as more of a movement than just a group that makes music. With all the drops, of this mixtape I'm gonna say that's for certain that they are a great example of creative orginal tracks. Not so much rehashing, more original than most mixtapes. For that I give'em straight up props. I'm likin this morning, the track "Drumma Boy" it's got some pyroclastic flow to it. An "Keep it Hunned" plays a close second, or maybe is even better if the 'dj drops' didn't break in over the beat so bad. So when it comes out on the album, I'll be checkin for that track for sure. I would lose that tunnel effect on the track though. But that's just me.

" THE NATIONALS met each other in San Antonio, TX at John Marshall High School in 2003. Dee and Jashawn formed THE NATIONALS and began regularly working on tracks. Young Cake later joined the group along with producer from VETSQUAD MUZIK, Shinoshis. A year later another hot artist name Seaux was added to the roster. From then on out, THE NATIONALS moved as a unit and plotted their expansion from San Antonio, TX into the rest of the United States. "

Later on in this, I like this track "For The Fam" the big reason bein that Dee and the rest of the rappers comin out of Texas are real fam, bein real and bein pro representation to the publicity and especially to me. So, nobody can say nothin about the level of talent coming out of Texas.

" THE NATIONALS first group mixtape, FIGHT NIGHT ROUND 1, came out January 9th 2009 and was hosted by DJ Tone, DJ Platinum and DJ Hypnotik. The mixtape was well received in the clubs and streets alike. The next mixtape is called THE ESSENCE and comes out November 2009 with features from some of the hottest artists in San Antonio. Stay in tune with the movement!! "

You can check out my bros in The Nationals on Myspace, and hit Dee up on the Twitter. Tell 'em you found them here, on Music Money Mixtapes. Support em' comment and shit! Drop your link, you think your any better. We'll sit an chill listenin to the track "Get Away Remix" and pull out them blunts, remindin me of the Woo Tag Clan classics. But, I swear if I hear DJ Hypnotik voice over this track, I'm gonna hit im over the head with a pipe for ruining this dope chill track. An jus as an acknowledge-ment of this inate talent, I'm tellin yah some shit in the game gonna change for the DJ's when the rappers start requestin more out of 'dem. So keep it real , support this act see 'em live check out there stuffz of Myspace, they even got some dope vids on there. It's "Impossible" to shut this shit down, so watch out for The Nationals, y'hear cause they International as of today!

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