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Monday, October 12, 2009

Chubb Rock & Wordsmith with "The Crack Under The Bridge"

"The Crack Under The Bridge" draws out some mystical sprawl of R&B Hip Hop with flavors in the likeness of Kanye, but I respect this allot more. Chubb Rock and Wordsmith are being brought back to bridge a gap. The intellect of the old, the tracks of a new movement. I think it might be closer to Chill Hop, or Trip Hop. I describe this flavor of music as Hiphop Intoxication if you have your Hennessy Cognac you can sit back and relax to this music. And some of the third track reminds me about a bit of the Bone Thugs back-drop or maybe some flavor of some old gospel music. And with the references to The Word, I keep wondering where these guys are at, on a spiritual level because that's just where this music pushes you, to look at yourself a bit whether you want to do that or not. There's allot of Soul feel in it, some Jazz influences, some Blues influences. I can't say I love the chicks singing in track four "Conversation With My Soulmate" they make the sound a little to busy, but take no digs, because Wordsmith elevates the track enough to bring back the track. Wordsmith reminds me a bit of Will Smith too at times. I think my favorite track is gonna be, "The New Street Kings" tonight. I can't say why, probably because I like the beat the most on this one. Well this is where you take a listen yourself, the one thing I've learned in the last little while when study'in the unsigned artists there's allot of different styles. You can hit him up on Twitter check him out on his Myspace page. The man in an music entrepenuer too, you can check that out on his webpage Wordsmith Music. Go ahead download the mixtape I'm sure feel allot different after "Music for the Millenium" may I introduce yet another new passenger on the Music Money Mixtapes train, and I was waiting for "a sign" to show me if this way was what I wanted to keep doin, an by track ten "Virtual Relaxation", 10 being my spiritual number I finally relaxed on the easy chair and gave in to the out of body experience called Wordsmith.

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