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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

B-Ezzy is Addicted to the Game!

Addicted to the Game.. What I say What I say? So DJ Smallz ( the number one dj in the south ) is helpin out on this release, he did some work for Ludacris and Young Buck way back when. So he decided to help B-EZZY get some fans, and that's good stuff. I have a real problem with that god damned horn and that shotgun ruinin tracks. An I can't not be hard on them for that cause it distracts from the tracks which are actually really good.

I like the swagger of "Ball Like Lebron" once you get past the usual dj stuff. An it's got a sick spot of Grim Boss, an I'm really into that. B-Ezzy is just beginning his journey to success and the future looks bright for this young star. An I have to say that the mp3 format in on point, and high quality.

"Addicted to the Game" the title track, has got a real decent flow to it. But I wanna strangle the guys who think that stutterin a track is a good idea, but I guess that's the popular effect right now. An it's no bad on B-Ezzy's part. An 'nough rantin on the track too to many raw shout outs. I'm lookin for remix on this minus the spoutin off. The rap is real solid on the track, and funny too. B-Ezzy currently has over 7,000 views on youtube and everyone on campus knows about the video. He performed in St. Louis and Baltimore numerous times during his short career so far.
"Get Silly" now that's a funny flow track, showin off his ability to rap without hurtin himself.
An he's featurin Beezy the Kid. I think I like the track "Turn Headz" but someone keeps interuptin the beat, production by Reil. Yeah, I like that one real good.

B-Ezzy is currently workin on developing his buzz more by servicing his singles from his new mixtape. Coming out soon called "Ezzy Like Sunday Morning".

"Superstar" is a great track, and likely my favorite on this mixtape release. You don't need a big chain to be a super star, you don't need a big car to be a super star. An I'm tellin you, with caliber like B-Ezzy comin up on this blog, it's pushin the reviews past the old mixtape folks online. An it's kinda comical, like this track, but this song was done proper. It's a fun track that you can listen to a few times.

B-Ezzy has been gettin a small but yet substansal buzz the mixtape even features a track with Memphis Legend "Project Pat" that was "Addicted to the Game" on Yung La's Ain't I instrumental. All in all, B-Ezzy brings it hard with his Missouri swag, look for him on Myspace and up on that Twitter, and tell him that you heard about him from this blog. B-Ezzy is addicted to the game for sure, and me yeah I'm definately chronic on these mixtapes fo sho! Comments go down below!

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