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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

SK-The Warmup Mix - Hosted by DJ Woogie

Well, well. What I'm gonna say my man SK aka Steve King has got the ear of some big cats and some tracks with some old big names, and some sick shout outs on this mixtape.

"Sk's Collabs include tributes the late Notorious BIG and 2Pac(precursors to SK's future "Dead Presidents" mixtape) and a track with Rihanna. With Shout outs/drops from 50 Cent, Eminem, Busta Rhymes, Soulja Boy, Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo, DJ Scream, Jay Rock, and more."

My fav tracks are track 04 and 09, "Do you know who I am?" "but.. I'm kind of a big deal". Haha. I appreciate the way this mixtape flows. Some of SK's stuff reminds me of an great white rapper hardly any body knows.

And for to put him in this catagorey means I got respect for what he's doin. Yeah, Haystak, I said it. Means, he's got potential to be huge. If you don't think bein hosted by DJ Woogie and the shady crew is huge. But when the universal money flows, I hope the boy remembers where he comes from, and digs deep for the raps that he does, like he does now.
He says "I always preach bettering yourself through education constantly trying to better your lifestyle through positivity." but he's done a bid cause he's no snitch. So you all better pay attention to what's going to go down like track 12 says.
Watch out for the split personality.

Changing lifestyles from illegal to legal came about in light of the birth of SK's daughter. He had the oppurtunity to work with many artists that blew up that weren't as big a few years prior to her birth. But the dirty money was too good to give up for music, "Alot of artists don't understand the grind of music, the 100's of hours it takes to record a good album. When she was born, he got back into the music game and got out of the drug game. Don't you agree this little girl here is a little angel?

It's a good thing we got this outlet called Rap. It's a damn good thing that people change for the better not always for the worse. To much news this day and age that we live in is full of bad shit. I spent longer than I normally do on this, because I like the tracks he's doin. And I know the struggle when the kids come along. The whole game of life changes, and that's for real. Something about that night, that makes you see things totally differently than if you never went threw it...

" I made it my ultimate goal to stay out of jail, and be a real father that is there for my daughter every day of her life. Not many people can say there music put food on the table for their family and first and foremost I always thank God for that! "

"Upcoming Projects: The second mixtape is yet to be titled in the DJ Woogie series, and will be released October 27. "

Track 16 is gonna change your perspective. I wanna hear it in full, so I definately gonna keep on this cat, get to hear his new shit. Hit him up on myspace go download his mixtape support this guy on his way to the top. Cause, I think he's gonna remember you when he needs too. No matter what people say, everybody's on the same grind with this economy. That's what brings us all together in this hussle. This climb to the top. Helps put up with the aggravation, helps put the pain out of our minds. Because one day... all this shit's gonna change.. when you at the bottom there's only room to move the fuck up. And that's all I gota say...

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  1. Yo it's the kid SK shout to thanks for the love! I'll be back on here real soon! Trust me! Shout to DJ Bankrupt for putting me on the site! Check me out at


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