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This station is owned and operated in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. It is 100% artist supported by artist music. We are 100% underground culture. Slots are just $10, that will get your song into rotation on this station and also on a mixtape. Which means: Double exposure, if the song is really good it might be in rotation for 90 days+. We support unsigned, small label artists and their djs that push the music on a daily basis.

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Friday, September 18, 2009

Music Money N' Mixtapes Is Born

I think I started this blog because of my passion for the three things, music, money, and mixtapes. Mixtapes are cool, they help push an artist from obscurity into stardom. And, this can happen over night. I've seen it happen. A rap video go's viral on youtube, and boom, the dude will be famous overnight. I think it's because I want to interview people who are new and are becoming successful in the music industry. To study, the formula of making it ' BIG ' and bringing that to formula to the masses of great unsigned talent. With that, comes money and the 'high life' and everything you can think of. You can help me get there by participating in the process. You can help the artists get famous by promoting them, in any way that you know how to. In the end, it doesn't matter how you help out, just that your favorite artist and you reep the rewards and someday become famous. I'm sure the artists will appreciate anything you can bring to the table. I also want to explore the best underground mixtapes out there, and bring them to a larger audience. So, let's get the party started. This site is blog is brand new, so please give it a chance by showing your support by commenting and downloading stuff.

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Thanks for coming to my blog, thanks for taking the time to read the shit on the page. Thanks for listening to the rappers music on this page. You don't know who I am, well that means I don't know who you are yet either. So get yourself some extra promotion by hitting me up on twitter, I'll give you my email address. You can email me your mixtape links, I'll listen and I'll give you my attention when I get a chance. A new mixtape almost every night. Weekends, a podcast is brewing! And that's how it is, first come first serve, or first bug me the most. For the most part, I am only featuring new or unsigned artists. But for the right price, I might consider pushin someone else who has a little extra cash already in the bank! So labels, get at me. Peace.

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