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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Meanz of Operation (M.O.)

Meanz of Operation (M.O.) has really got somethin good goin on. Met 'em on twitter, where I seem to be meeting all kinds of peeps these days. Really, the music always speaks for itself with an artist. I know because back in 96' I was promoting underground bands, in an underground mag. And these artists, always had the most appreciation for the efforts of fans that promoted them. Now my ezine is long gone, but I'm reviving an old idea with Music Money Mixtapes, the formula worked back then and it'll work now that the technology is catching up with the idea. Artists, can make it on their own without the help of mainstream media, just look at Soulja Boy's success. Alright enough 'bout what I'm doin, and listen to what these guys are doin.

I'm really diggin this track celebrity.

Official Bio: " Meanz of Operation (M.O.) is definitely one of the premier duos of today. The group is made up of two Jacksonville, Fl. natives, A.C.E & RanMan. Not just content on putting out more of the same music, which they could easily do and make a quick buck. They strive to be unique. Together they collaborate on all different types of concepts, styles, and genres of music. The end result is always amazing. From club tracks, to laid back tracks. "

Ran and A.C.E hail from Jacksonville, Florida. Duval County. Show em some love. Go to their websites, and blogs. Check out this wicked free style.

"We feel like this… No matter what happens, no matter how big or small the venue, no matter how big or small our bank accounts, no matter how big we get in the this industry. We're never going to change the way we do things. If that's a crime, lock us up and throw away the key." Along with help from Super Producers, King Ru and Da Boss. Meanz of Operation, A.C.E & RanMan, is destined to be one of the greatest groups of past present and future. All we have to do is sit back, watch, and most important… Listen."

Meanz Of Operation on Myspace
As always, support the artist buy the release when their cd comes out. These guys deserve the respect. Makin Florida proud!

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