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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Legend Of Nadia - Music, Sex 'N' Marshmallows

You might say... that the title of a singer's first release is sometimes as personally revealing as it is an important career-defining decision. So naturally Nadia Kay chose "Music, Sex 'N' Marshmallows" as the name for her debut album which is currently available on iTunes. From her first single, the invigoratingly catchy "See Me Rock," and a seductive follow-up hit, "Tell Me," to the R&B rhythms of the PEOPLE’S COURT’S favorite, "Can’t Stop Remix," Nadia Kay is unleashing her inner rebellion with an intense and diverse collection of pop songs inspired by her vast musical background and lineage. Although, this is not my usual type of music to promote, this is a special favor for her. Can you blame me? Immersed in the music business from an early age, Nadia understands the importance if being current and always challenges herself with new projects. Hence the little extra Twitter promotions on this site. She is not afraid to change her image, bringing the “Sexy Forward” and dive into her new role as a pop queen. Nadia is currenly filming “ANJL,” a new reality series about a young NY couple trying to make it in the Entertainment industry. She plays… Well, you guessed it right - a Pop star who is a little on the “wild side..” Surprise Surprise. When you hear her tracks, allot of DJs will note they are definately worthy of some remix. If you do one, let me know so I can tell her about it and get you more exposure.

She even does a little rock and roll, similar to some Pink. In, "Loving You" You can hit her up for autographs on her pimped out Myspace page. And on Twitter too for all you Twitterholics.

When asked about their newest artist, the rep from Silver Curve Records said, “We recognized right away that Nadia Kay had a special connection with her audiences." "She’s ready to wow them with club performances, live shows, the release of “Can’t Stop Remix,” and some brand new music videos, that will be followed by the release of her second album, scheduled for release in early 2010.

Since we're talking about connections, I think I better show you some of that Nadia naughty-ness on her Youtube video. Keep in mind this is the "inside scoop" from the Dance rehersal for the upcoming video for "Can't Stop Remix". I'm certian you'll dig it. So now you now 'we can't stop now'.

I think one of the reason's I'm throwin up her tracks on this page, is definately due to the cool attitude I got while talking to her. I think there is a ton of potential with her and that Silver Curve has a sliver slipper hidden away. I hope that when she gets on reality TV, she remember's little silly blogs like mine and says something about it. Like my boy Burbetto.. more dreamin I guess. There's a whack load more stuff to explore on her website including some sultry Wallpaper downloads, so stop droolin cousin and go download 'em. Now you've heard about her, you can forget the legend of Narnia, and remember the legend of Nadia being on Music Money Mixtapes. Oh yeah, and go buy her next album so you can stare at the cover inserts for another legendary amount of time. I have a feeling, I'll be seeing her up in Canada some day when the snow goes away, in the mean time I'll be waiting by the fire place.


  1. thanks Burbetto ;) I like the way u write!

  2. Haha Burbetto's a buddy of mine, he didn't write this blog, but he helped me promote it. And, he's featured on it too.


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