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Monday, September 28, 2009

Kam Kutta - The Streets Made Me

Swurving into this music game with some menacing flow, sharp swagger and eye piercing lyrics earned this guy the name Kam Kutta. Not known as a person to bite his tongue and living the lifestyle that most rappers lie about in their songs makes him a true display of what other rappers are trying to be.

Coming in with the goal to "KUT OUT" the BS in the music industry he is performing psycho surgery on the streets with his undeniable ripe sound.

From the streets to the stage is the "STORY" for most new rap arists, but Kam Kutta is not your average rapper. He was born and raised in the Gem City where the pressure there turns you into a diamond or burst ya pipes with jail time or a bullet wound. But this guy Kam has been known for makin the cut.

I'm locking in on one of raps hardest artists... He draws inspiration from the events of his own life and through the odds beating others. " I am inspired by the underdog who overcomes ," he says. "I had to strive hard for the ones who told me that I wouldn’t make it. I was told my whole life I wouldn’t be anything, but I overcame to show others that you can achieve your dreams no matter what odds you facing …

What started out as just a hobby to get "oohs" and "ahhs" from the local music scene in Dayton, Ohio has slowly taken on a life of it’s own in the form of the artist Kam Kutta reaching all the way up to the cold north in Canada. I'm cranking out some real hardened rappers with some new time vibes on this blog. The parental advisory is on the album cover for a reason. "These players is hardened thugs." that's what I'm sayin.

Kam’s style and musical influence is being compared to 2pac.. while his lyrics and orating skills of the street life and hope for the future can be paralleled with likes of Nas and Young Jeezy; Kam’s no holds barred approach against any and all issues makes him the entertaining and witty artist that he is. Which makes the boy fit in here on this blog, where I don't have any quams about puttin out the best, and callin shit what it is. Nah, I jus- won't put it up. I love the humor in 'Can't get T-pain'. And I'm playing all the 'Hot Shotz' on this blog with or without the Hardy Boyz cause I'm connected to the streets, at least via Twitter ha ha ha.

Laugh now cry later. And let me tell you, he's on this page, he's a hot shot, where the fuck are you? Kam’s music and message has already made a strong impact on the musical landscape with radio play on Sirius Satellite Radio’s Shade 45 and XM’s 66 RAW channels, a review in Music Connect ion Magazine “Hot for 09 Edition,” and constant rotation on Xsquaddj Internet Radio. And now he's on this blog, so what the fuck do you think? That's what fuckin comment box down there is for. Give them artists a reason to keep at this shit.

And I think my computer's been smokin all the chronic cause these beatz are off the hook and this blogspot page keep stallin so either you hittin me up with mega hits or Google's on the bong tonight. Click on the album covers to go listen to them on that Dat Piff site.

Believing in the grassroots movement, Kam Kutta says he is paving a path from his humble beginnings to those greener and brighter pastures - that he’s had his eye on for not only himself but for those around him. I'm really hopin he remembers lil ol me.

Alright well.. enough talkin I'm gonna leave you but check out his youtube video, and hit him on Twitter. If yah need ta get ahold of him. Hit him on Myspace too.
Here's his youtube clip before I forget, it's getting kinda cloudy up in here. Click on the covers for the mixtapes. I'm gonna ride like the wind, my favorite track. Cause Real Hustler's don't sleep. Can't close my eyes, until my money is right!

This is Parental Advisory and if you don't like it, you can talk to my hand!

1 comment:

  1. This article of Kamkutta is true. Kamkutta is a great M.C. I'm diggin his music all the way here N H-Town.


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